Eliminate driver issues!

No longer worry about drivers being unreliable or not coming into work when you really need them.

No longer worry about high costs of payroll tax, insurance and liability issues.

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Double Your Sales!

Our expansive 10+ mile delivery range means your restaurant will be visible to more customers therefore increasing your revenue!

Increase sales     -    Increase restaurant presence     -    Attract more customers

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Easy integration with any food aggregators you may already have!

Our solution integrates with all food aggregators including your sales app, website, POS or online ordering system.

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Meet On Demand Delivery Solution


The On Demand Delivery Solution is a food delivery service that helps restaurants increase their sales by expanding their delivery range, making them visible to more customers. Our solution offers drivers that are available 24/7 for fast and reliable delivery, with live tracking and 24/7 support. It also integrates easily with any existing food aggregator platforms. Our platform eliminates the need to worry about driver issues and associated costs, as there are no payroll taxes, insurance or liability issues to deal with. The service comes with no risk, as there are no contracts, hidden fees or upfront costs, and a flat delivery fee per order. Additionally, the restaurants also benefit with the use of the BUY token, which is used for loyalty, rewards and discounts.

Drivers available 24/7

  • Simply press a button and a driver will pick up your order within 18-20 minutes, day or night.

  • Live driver tracking from the moment your delivery has been accepted.

  • Communicate with our support team 24/7 quickly and easily.

  • Drivers available in every ZIP code in USA and Canada.